Inspired by the Hunger Games, girls “aim” farther with archery

Shooting Archery at Camp

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Thank you Katniss Everdeen! The popularity of the Hunger Games series, a trilogy book-turned-movie  series, has more girls “aiming” for archery as their sport (I had no idea archery was a sport) of choice. According to NPR, some sellers of sporting equipment  have noticed an increase in bow and arrow sales since the first movie was released in 2012. And over the past 2 years, membership in USA Archery has doubled. One girl’s experience with the sport is described here.

“Following in the footsteps of Hunger Games heroine Katniss Everdeen, who’s fiercely talented with a bow and arrow, is one reason Y’Jazzmin came through the door here this fall.

Her mom, Alicia Christopher, says positive reinforcement has kept her daughter coming back. Y’Jazzmin competed in her first tournament earlier this month.

‘Watching the way that she’s developed confidence in what she’s doing — she’s very confident,’ Alicia says. ‘She used to be a really shy person, but now she’s opening socially.’ Alicia recently purchased a recurve bow for Y’Jazzmin. It cost about $130. And while that may sound pricey, archery store owner Boyd Wild says the high demand for recurve bows — the type Katniss uses in The Hunger Games — makes it hard to keep some models in stock.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d be down to start the first ever Girls Bow and Arrow Fund if it gives more girls like Y’Jazzmin an opportunity to believe in themselves and discover a real passion. The visual I have of a row of girls lined up, aimed, and ready to shoot is kind of too much badassness for me to handle at once. I think this is “spot on”.

Avatar Image Sesali would also like to learn archery and urges you not to judge her usage of corny puns.

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