Quote of the Day: “Is this okay to say to a person?”

People are people. End the hate.Drawing on interviews with our own Jos and Feministing friend Janet Mock, Poynter has compiled nine useful tips for journalists writing about trans folks

As Janet points out, responsible and respectful coverage of trans people is not just about getting your pronouns right: “You can still completely be dehumanizing using the right words.” Which stories are told, what details are included, how the narratives are framed–all these things matter. And while there’s been tons of really exciting progress on trans issues–including increasingly varied representations of trans people in the media–it is truly amazing how often news organizations still do a really shitty job.

The Poynter piece ends with a great tip from Jos:

“It’s not actually all that complicated,” Truitt said, offering a simple question for journalists reporting on transgender people to ask themselves: “I’m speaking to someone who is a person — is this okay to say to a person?”

Ah yes, the old “treat people like people” principle. Jos can always be counted on to keep it simple. But if you need more guidance, read the rest here.

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Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

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