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Quick Hit: Here’s what happens if you have a fetal anomaly in Oklahoma

TweetIt’s no secret that Oklahoma is one of the most difficult places in the country to get an abortion. The state has passed almost every anti-choice restriction in the book–an ultrasound law, 24-hour waiting period, parental consent, 20-week fetal pain law, a total ban on medical abortions–forcing the Oklahoma Supreme Court to step in on [...]
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Hawaii on its way to becoming the 15th state with marriage equality

Tweet Last night the state’s Senate passed the bill and it’s headed to the House of Representatives today. The 20-4 vote in favor of the bill, with three Democrats joining the state Senate’s lone Republican to oppose the measure, came two days after the start of a special session called by Democratic Governor Neil Abercrombie [...]
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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

TweetI tried to sing this grim news about abortion law in Oklahoma to the tune of a song from the musical. It didn’t help. Sexual assault on U.S. college campuses by the numbers.  Twelve year-old activist Madison Kimrey to North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory: “I am not a prop!”  How to tell if you’re a [...]
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Quick hit: “The logic of stupid poor people”

Tweet I cannot recommend this piece by Tressie McMillan Cottom highly enough. It’s about why people who don’t have a lot of money spend money on luxury items. Spoiler alert: it’s because they are people, too, even though plenty of Americans struggle to remember that. I do not know how much my mother spent on [...]
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Guest post: Sex worker hierarchy sucks

TweetThis is a guest post from a blogger who calls herself the Resident Hooker. In her own words: My name is – well, that’s not important. What’s important is what I do! I write and I’m a feminist, obviously; but I’m also a sex worker. Here at we believe in engaging in critical analysis [...]
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