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By Katie and AlexandraImmigration Reform


Dear Republicans: it’s pretty simple. If you want to help the economy, you will support immigration reform and not shutting down the government. Get it?

Saudi activists to launch a national “drive-in” encouraging women to break the country’s ban on driving while female. 

Some good, old-fashioned rape encouragement!

A short documentary on police violence against trans people.

USA! USA! U.S. Ranks 23rd For Women’s Equality, Falling Behind Nicaragua, Cuba, and Burundi. 

The danger of shopping while black.

Lovely! Woman forced to choose between her dreads or her job.

Really important and scary report on the rampant abuse at private prisons. 

Using video to de-stigmatize abortion.

Robin Thicke is exactly as misogynistic as you’d expect.

A brief introduction to the Young Lords.

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

Survivors reject “privacy” for social change.

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