Are you Out2Enroll?

Today is National Coming Out Day, a complicated event that inspires many and worries others who find the narrative constricting or shaming. But, whatever your feelings about the standard coming out narrative, there’s another way to celebrate today: are you Out2Enroll?

The Sellers Dorsey Foundation, the Center for American Progress, and the Federal Agencies Project have come together to create an intuitive informational portal about Obamacare for queer and trans people. The website functions both to spread the word about the Affordable Care Act and help visitors find the best insurance options for their needs. Why is it important for LGBTQ people to be covered? The site explains:

Many of us in the LGBT community have long been left out when it comes to health insurance. It has been too hard to find coverage that treats our families fairly, that covers the care we need, and that doesn’t break the bank.

And our health suffers as a result. Our community continues to face significant disparities such as higher rates of tobacco use, abuse and violence, mental and behavioral health issues, and HIV infection.

That’s where Obamacare comes in. For the first time, there are new affordable options, protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and coverage even if you have a preexisting medical condition. The law may not be perfect – but this is an unprecedented opportunity for our community. And getting covered is the first step. We’re glad you’re Out2Enroll!

Check out the website here, as well as the awesome, GIF-rich companion blog.



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