Today in mansplaining: GOP Rep. tells CNN host ‘Carol, you’re beautiful but you need to be honest’

imagesToday Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN), who was trying in vain to explain his party’s nonsensical shutdown of the U.S. government, mansplained big time to CNN’s Carol Costello, who wasn’t buying any of the bullcrap.  Of course because no Republican likes to be challenged by a mere woman about their current political tantrum, his only response to her tough questions was, “Carol, you’re beautiful but you need to be honest as well.”

I just love me some mansplaining! Wait, no, the opposite is true. Mansplaining makes my blood boil and I have secret daydreams where I’m pulling out a move like I’m the Black version of Angelina Jolie in Salt.  Unfortunately, because I’m anti-violence and can’t fight, I mainly have to respond to mansplaining with assertive and serious pushback sans curses because my parents are pastors and I still feel a pang of guilt when I curse.

Check out the clip below (closed captioning available).


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