A sternly worded letter to the ‘Kamikaze Caucus’ that caused this shutdown

Via @GOPLeader

Via @GOPLeader

Dear House Republicans,

As we begin day three of the government shutdown, you and your colleagues, the “Kamikaze Caucus,” continue to hold America hostage. You are ideologues who have no desire to actually govern the country.

Even fellow Republicans are calling your latest stunts “reckless and unnecessary” and millions of Americans are signing up for Obamacare, finally able to afford health insurance for themselves and their families. I am currently uninsured and will be signing up for Obamacare as soon the traffic on the New York exchange lightens up. You see, because of all this unnecessary drama your fantasy land idea that you could somehow “defund” Obamacare backfired and made millions of Americans aware that they could start signing up. Seems to me that people were desperate for affordable health insurance and were eager to sign up despite opponents spending $400 million dollars to lie about the law and scare Americans.

This shutdown, that you caused, is not only unnecessary and damaging to the American economy, it’s self-indulgent and short-sighted.  Photo-ops at the WWII memorial are the very least you can do.  I just spoke to my mother about a family friend who can’t afford milk for her infant because the Republican shutdown canceled funding for the supplemental nutrition program (WIC).  Way to go.

Also, so happy that you care about “life” so much with the constant shaming of people who believe abortion is a choice, yet you have no problem with your Republican shutdown blocking 200 cancer patients including 30 children from life saving cancer trials.  Country first.

Americans voted for President Obama in 2012, against an opponent who wanted to get rid of Obamacare on day one. And despite all the rhetoric, there is every reason to think it will work, just like Romneycare in Massachusetts.

The country has spoken.

The ‘Kamikaze Caucus’ are the only ones pretending not to hear this message.

Obamacare is here to say. Deal with it.


A soon to be insured freelance writer

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