Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

By Katie and Juliana


One pharmacist responds to rape and violence against women in India by creating a self-defense ring, which releases a chemical that causes a debilitating burning sensation.

Depressingly not surprisingly, women, especially women of color, remain underpaid.

Coincidentally, on a totally related note, a survey reveals that only 57% of women (compared to 65% of men) feel that their salary was a fair reflection of their position and responsibility.

Violence against women correlates to economic, historical and structural issues and not some innate cultural predisposition. Sorry, racists.

Meet Saudi Arabia’s first female film director.

Does more porn-viewing make people less supportive of affirmative action?

Abortion is NOT like slavery. Or the Holocaust.

HBO’s Girls just got a little less white.

The conversation around immigrant rights and undocumented people doesn’t include enough undocumented voices. The website (Un)Documenting is changing that.

“There are other stories about ourselves that we would like to tell – the awkwardness of dating; our struggles with depression and mental health; the lack of visibility of the non-Latino undocumented population; sexuality, sexual orientation, gender and gender expression; navigating academia…”

This song about a transgender woman of color and her fear of coming out will make you cry.


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