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Support the making of Major!, a documentary film about transgender legend, elder, and pioneering civil rights activist Miss Major Griffin-Gracy.

What Diana Nyad’s Cuba-to-Florida swim tells us about what it takes to make it in the U.S.

White privilege is John McCain playing video games during a hearing on Syria.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/feminisarah/ Feminisarah

    In addition to nonchalance regarding possible military interventions, I also find it annoying that McCain’s “video game” of choice was online poker (albeit with play money). There are still THOUSANDS of American’s waiting to have money released to them after the federal government’s shut down and subsequent seizure of their funds from several high profile poker sites. I know that many people do not care about that fact, but there were people who were playing poker as a profession and using that money as a way to make a livelihood (including in my household).