Weekly Feminist Reader

Celebrating Labor Day: weekends, holidays, raises, healthcare.

Happy taxes, queer folks! The IRS recognizes same-sex marriages.

Ann on dating, or not dating, coworkers.

A pursuit to dissect waxing culture.

Implications of doctors getting paid more for C-Sections.

Something is happening in Chicago.

Chelsea Manning and the politics of pronouns.

“Looking through a kaleidoscope of a local lens“.

On Obama and Syria: “The way out of war is always peace.”

Victory for homeless vets in L.A.

Fast food workers continue to strike.

“Drive-in sex” in Zurich.

What do twerking and Hurricane Katrina have to do with each other?

Interracial Romeo and Juliet.

Vintage sex-ed, brought to you by… Disney?

First rapist in Delhi gang-rape gets convicted to 3 years in prison.


Leaned in, screwed over.

Women in the NYT.  Still dismal.

The Dream Defenders get spied on.

A beautiful essay on foster care.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to this week? 

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