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Feministing made Forbes’ list of 100 Websites for Women for the fourth year in a row. We’re grateful to be included, though we continue to be a website for people who aren’t women, too.

Zerlina debated sexist t-shirts on Fox News earlier today.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) renounced his Canadian citizenship because the Republican party is very mature and serious and had no issue voting for someone who has dual citizenship…wait.

The Daily Caller compares Bo Obama to Valerie Jarrett because they are sexist, gross, and racially insensitive.

Rinku Sen on building a new racial justice movement.

Despicable: a judge has approved force-feeding California inmates on a state-wide hunger strike.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/mighty-ponygirl/ Mighty Ponygirl

    Damn, Zerlina, I would not have had your composure when that woman in the middle started quacking about how you were demonizing Barbies. It’s not like I expect Fox to bring in well-spoken conservatives, but she worked my last nerve in a record period of time.

    I think one thing that’s important to recognize in the debates about silly sexist T-shirts for little girls is that adults shouldn’t expect kids to necessarily get those jokes. It’s far less likely that a little girl will see a shirt about how she’s great at shopping and dancing but bad at math and think “ha ha, it’s funny because society expects me to be a vapid consumer” and much more likely that she will see it as yet another tacit endorsement that she shouldn’t be good at math and instead focus on being a vapid consumer.

    For little kids, gender, gender identity, and gender roles are so crucial to their developing world that they will often look to load a bunch of extraneous bullshit onto what it “means” to be one gender of another. Adults shouldn’t encourage that.

  • http://feministing.com/members/acasey/ Elizabeth

    The Valerie Jarrett comment was a joke, and I saw no offensiveness in joking about a dog that does all those things.
    However, Feministing completely bypassed the horribly racist and offensive last line of the article “The Obamas do not have any white dogs.” THAT line perpetuates rude and awful stereotypes.