Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

U.S. religious leader linked to Uganda’s Kill the Gays bill is sued for committing a crime against humanity. Great work Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG).

Same sex marriage news: The 9-year fight to block same-sex marriage in California is officially and finally over! Yay! In New Jersey a judge will wait til September to rule on the issue. And the Pentagon announced it will extend all benefits received by straight military spouses to LGBT military spouses.

According to a new study from Boston University, African American women who experience more racism have a higher likelihood of getting adult-onset asthma.

In case you weren’t sure, the pull-out method really is less effective than other forms of birth control.

And in case you weren’t sure, Wendy Davis really is possessed by a “demon of murder.”

The Quote of the Day goes to Darren Young: “Look at me. I’m a WWE Superstar and to be honest with you, I’ll tell you right now I’m gay and I’m happy. Very happy.”

Does anyone care about black women?


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