Ask Jessica: Why don’t feminists care more about Anthony Weiner?

Or about Peter Dowling, for that matter? At The Nation, our fearless co-founder explains: we’ve got bigger shit to worry about.

I apologize for not including a transcript, folks. If one of our loyal readers could put on in comments, I’d be so very grateful.

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    “It’s one of the first times I’m going to answer some trolls’ questions. For the last few days I’ve been inundated with questions from conservatives demanding to know why feminists aren’t more outraged about Anthony Weiner, when we’ve been so upset about the supposed war on women, and Republicans’ war on women’s rights — why aren’t we more upset about Anthony Weiner, who they say has done actual, tangible damage to a woman?

    Now, I didn’t really think that I needed to point out why one idiot’s marital infidelities aren’t even slightly similar to an entire policy agenda dedicated to rolling back women’s rights across the board, but apparently I do.

    The idea that one politician being a bad husband and creeper is the same as denying a nation full of women their right to bodily integrity and autonomy is truly disgusting, and I think shows just how out of touch conservatives actually are on women’s issues.

    One representative from the conservative women’s organization, “The Independent Women’s Forum,” named Gayle Trotter even called the fact that feminists are not outside protesting outside of Weiner’s office is hypocrisy. It’s feminist hypocrisy, and we’re somehow betraying our core feminist ideals by not spending valuable activist energy protesting Anthony Weiner.

    I’d say hypocrisy is calling yourself a women’s organization while opposing Title IX, the Violence Against Women Act, pay equity and birth control, but that’s just me.

    So please, believe me, trust that I would rather be tweeting Carlos Danger jokes than dealing with legislators who want to control women’s bodies and personal medical decisions. That is an actual, tangible danger to women across the country.

    But I do think it’s extremely telling that so many Republicans and conservatives think that women should care about one dude sending dick pics more than an entire government of dudes calculating to roll back women’s rights. I think it speaks really clearly to what they think of women, and how stupid they think women are.

    So, to the conservative trolls who are wondering why feminists aren’t spending more time on Weiner, we are smarter than that. We make our jokes and we move on to the real work. I know that must be very disappointing to you; you want us distracted from the foundation of misogyny and the Republican party, but it’s not gonna happen. So, sorry. “

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