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In Milwaukee, a 76 year old man was found guilty of the murder of a 13 year old boy.

Just read this piece from Blair L. M. Kelley. Also, read Robin D.G. Kelley’s piece from Counterpunch. Also, listen to Esther Armah’s “Wake Up call” on all women media panel with Blair Kelley, Joan Morgan and Charisse Jones as they discuss white people who are beginning unpacking the concept of privilege and how it moves in American society.

Remember #BroChoice? Some conservative dude broke the conspiracy wide open.

A joint op-ed by Senators Claire McCaskill and Susan Collins, and Representatives Michael Turner and Niki Tsongas on their efforts to combat military sexual assault in the 2014 Defense Authorization Bill.

Black single moms talk about the Mommy Wars.

Earlier in the week, I spoke with Michael Brooks about the backlash against social progress on the Majority Report.

Kerry Washington is the first Black actress since Cicely Tyson In 1995 to get an Emmy nomination for lead actress. Somehow Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark) was not nominated for anything.

Racists on Twitter are super angry New York City native Marc Anthony sang God Bless America at the All-Star Game.

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