Watch these adorable children school us on anti-racism

Remember the “controversy” over the interracial Cheerios ad? Some genius person decided to ask children what they think of the racist commenters and response to it in a unscientific experiment. Below are a few quotes from the kids reactions to questions from the facilitator regarding attitudes of racism, discrimination, and the actual meanness of YouTube commenters.

“That’s it? It’s just a Cheerios commercial.”

“They seem like a normal family.”

“How did they get angry? But… why?”

“What is this country for? Starts with an E… oh, EQUALITY.”

“So you’re wasting your time going on the internet, going to the comments to tell me some racial slur for a Cheerios commercial? That sounds dumb to me.”

Out of the mouths of babes, y’all. What did we learn? Racism is taught. This is the best thing you’ll see all day.

via globalgrind

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  • Emily

    Definitely one of the greatest I’ve seen. However I was a little annoyed by the girls and boys having different backgrounds(physical backgrounds sitting behind them). They’re smart enough to see how silly it is to be mad about an interracial couple and here they are being taught that boys belong in the blue room and girls the pink/purple room.

  • Morwen Edhelwen

    Could we also highlight that they are treating children like people and how rare and awesome that is?

    Good on them