Victim blaming at its worst: She’d been “making eyes at me”

*Trigger warning: This piece discusses sexual assault and victim blaming.*

Two off-duty firemen in Chicago were arrested after attempting to rape an unconscious woman at a party according to Shakesville. The assault happened after the woman had had too much to drink and was taken upstairs to lie down by her partner. Her partner, going back to check on her, found one fireman guarding the door and walked in on the other with his pants down on top of the woman.

And do you know Mr. Fireman had to say for himself? Apparently the survivor had been “making eyes” at him.


Seriously, it’s 2013. You would think that the science that is exploiting rape culture and victim blaming those who experience sexual assault would have evolved a little bit. But apparently not. I would have even expected the two perpetrators to try to paint the survivor as a drunk mess and themselves as valiant heroes, they are firemen after all. But “making eyes”?!?! You’ve got to be kidding.

Luckily, the Assistant State’s Attorney recognizes that consent is not given with the eyes. According to the report: “Fortunately, it doesn’t sound like Assistant State’s Attorney Bridget O’Brien is inclined to let him get away with it.”

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