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Activists Verónica Bayetti Flores, long time friend of the blog and recent writer here, and Marco Galaviz on being arrested today protesting for the New York State Dream Act.

A study finds female politicians are stereotyped, but in different ways than the stereotypes of women as a group.

More on E3′s sexism: Anita Sarkeesian tweeted that none of the games presented at Microsoft’s Xbox One E3 press conference featured female protagonists(!). The response was gross but not shocking, because patriarchy.

According to the ubiquitous “senior administration official,” President Obama didn’t change his position on preventing access to emergency contraception, the legal strategy just changed.

A woman was arrested in Nevada family court for accusing a court Marshall of sexually assaulting her. There’s disturbing video of the case going down in court.

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    Thank you, sexist Twitter responders to Fem Frequency, for reminding me there are upsides to not having a Twitter account.

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    That FemFrequency post honestly made me want to cry. I was furious at the constant accusations of her “entitlement,” as if wanting a little representation in video games is somehow more entitled than people with privilege assuming that all protagonists need to be male. Scoffing that they make all protagonists male because they want their characters to be relatable just makes me sad. And the repetitive assertion that women are a small part of the gaming community and intended demographic is ignorant and infuriating. When will these guys realize that yes, women play video games just as much as men do, but we don’t see them in the community as much because of shit like this?

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