Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Think Progress has compiled the seven most sexist gun ads.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act. Why haven’t we closed the gap?

The 10 best male rappers–written up as though they were female.

The false paradox: freedom of expression and sexist hate speech.

An illustrated guide to street harassment.

Sesame Street offers a toolkit to explain incarceration to kids.

“Everywhere we go we will always leave family behind.”

The Tony Awards have a diversity problem.

Today in rape jokes: Microsoft edition.

What does a “pro-life paradise” look like?

A black man with a 0.00 BAC was arrested for DUI.

Listen to more Firestone talk from n+1.

Former NY Assemblyman Lopez may have received help from Speaker Silver to hide his history of sexual harassment.

The Feminist Observer on living with bulimia.

Victorian fad alert: breastfeeding photos for you and your friends!

Is cultural reproductive coercion just a lady problem?

Don’t you worry, Trump will protect the bikini competition.

We think alone.

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