Quick Hit: Susan Rice selected as National Security Advisor

Susan Rice was selected by President Obama as the National Security Advisor, replacing Tom Donilon. She is the second woman to hold the position (following fellow black woman, and fellow Rice-last named Condoleezza Rice) and the third African American, the first being Colin Powell.

The decision is already receiving backlash from Republican lawmakers who believe that the handling of the Benghazi attacks shows her lack of judgement. Her “temperament” was also called into question when she was considered for the Secretary of State position after Hilary Clinton resigned.

It’s a good thing the Senate has absolutely no say so in this appointment. For the win.

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  • nasheen

    As assistant secretary of state for African affairs, Rice refused to call the genocide in Rwanda what it was. She has not criticized Paul Kagame’s (a former client from her consulting days) support of terrorists in the Congo where woman are brutally raped and murdered each day. She has an immense amount of wealth invested in Canadian oil companies but did not consider this a conflict of interest when being considered for Secretary of State, a role which would have given her great power over the approval of Keystone XL.
    I’m disappointed to see such a superficial and even romantic post on a website that has often (and effectively) reminded us that a woman candidate is NOT necessarily a women’s candidate. Yes, Susan Rice is a Black woman and that is something we can celebrate. Yes, much of the criticism launched against her is sexist and racist. But to present the nomination this way – in a quick hit without mentioning her record at all, and even expressing gratefulness that opposition was not able to stop her nomination – presents a very incomplete picture that will lead readers to believe Rice’s nomination is a success for women beyond symbolical terms.