Rosie the Riveter apparently liked cleaning with a Swiffer so much she quit her job

rosie the riveter and a swiffer ad

Because nothing says, “I can’t wait to rush home from my full-time job to start my second shift of devalued, unpaid household labor with my  Swiffer Bissel Steam Boost!” like Rosie the Riveter.

“We Can Do It!”…because someone has to, and it’s not like our husbands are really stepping up.

After, um, swift internet outcry yesterday, Swiffer announced that they “didn’t intend to offend” with the image and “are working to make changes as quickly as possible.” I think if they’re serious about their commitment to “make cleaning easier for all consumers, regardless of who is behind the handle of our products,” maybe they should prove it by keeping the ad exactly the same but featuring a guy instead. That would be pretty groundbreaking, considering that a dude cleaning in Ad Land is almost as rare as an interracial family, and would also have the benefit of actually echoing the meaning of the original Rosie–one gender entering into a sphere historically dominated by the other.

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