The L.A. Kings tweet rape joke

Last night during the NHL playoffs, Kevin Ryder, a radio show host live tweeted the game between the L.A. Kings and San Jose Sharks, and thought it would be hilarious to tweet out a rape joke.



The L.A. Kings swiftly tweeted out an apology but seriously folks we’ve got to do better with the jokes about rape and domestic violence.  We’ve wondered on this site before whether it’s possible to make a rape joke funny as opposed to exploitative and incredible painful for survivors, and honestly I’m still in the camp where rape shouldn’t be used as a metaphor or a punchline.  So for me, every time I see something making fun or light of rape, I call it out.  Shame on Kevin Ryder for being so insensitive.

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  • sourpop

    Just writing to say I support you !
    People do not understand the reality of rape and they absolutely need to be called out on making light of it.
    I will continue to call out as well. I wish more people did it.