In NYC? Join tonight’s flashmob to demand EC access!

Tonight, reproductive justice advocates in New York City will join together in a flashmob to demand over-the-counter emergency contraception for people of all ages. As Feminsting has written about before, the Obama administration refuses to respect voluminous research that EC is really, really safe and instead relies on sexist, paternalistic instinct to deny access to young people and other marginalized groups. First Health and Human Services, with the administration’s support, overruled the FDA’s decision to provide open EC availability. Now the administration and co-opted FDA are refusing a judge’s order to drop the unscientific restrictions. Why is Obama playing politics with our health? 

In March of this year, National Women’s Liberation and partners staged a flashmob protest in a New York pharmacy, where participants placed EC next to condoms on an open shelf, as seen in the video above. Tonight, the organization will join with Women Organize to Resist and Defend, International Socialist Organization, and the New York chapter of NOW to denounce the Obama administration’s legal battle “to keep unscientific, sexist restrictions on the morning-after pill.”

Protesters will meet at 6:30pm sharp at the northwest corner of the 14th Street and 7th Avenue intersection in Manhattan. For more details, check out NWL’s announcement. If you can’t make it, share the link with friends who can and sign the petition for restriction-free, over-the-counter EC.

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