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campus rape culture bingp

An artsy and depressing campus rape culture bingo.

Louis C.K. likes his feminism funny. “Men are the greatest cause of injury and mayhem to women.”

Ohio worries about “gateway sexual activity.” *rolls eyes*

Meet Afghanistan’s female bicyclists.

Why do so many YA heroines become beautiful as part of their transformation into a fully realized character?

A Twitter convo about the lies pop culture tells us about sex.

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  1. Posted April 18, 2013 at 10:22 am | Permalink

    CK Louis bro-tastically pandered to the comedy community over the Danial Tosh crap and told Jon Stewaet comedian and feminists wee natural enemies. Now he wants to be George Carlin? What? Did he just realized last week that his daughters are going to grow up and be women who might be the subject of hostile rape jokes from some Tosh fan one day? Le sigh.

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