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FGC cartoon

Egyptian cartoonist Doaa Eladl publishes a controversial cartoon criticizing FGC.

The North Dakota Senate has approved a ban on abortions after six-weeks of pregnancy, the most restrictive in the country.

Both cops involved in Kimani Gray’s murder had already been named in federal lawsuits.

The Middle East’s first women’s museum has opened in Dubai.

Domestic violence is four times as prevalent in police offer families as in the general population.

Ugandan girl chess genius Phiona Mutesi invited to play against Bill Gates (who is arrogant enough to think he stands a chance).

How has social media changed the way we talk about rape?

Senator Feinstein won’t stand for mansplaining.

On haircuts and agency.

Dear Michelle Williams: Native Americans aren’t munchkins.

Occidental feminists are the latest to speak out against their school’s approach to sexual violence.

Ten under-appreciated women in architecture.

Surprise! The modeling industry is racist.

UNC-CH students talk about why they decided to file a Title IX complaint against their school.

The mistakes writers make when talking about kink.

Gloria Malone (of teenmomnyc.com) tells the New York Times why we should offer support, not shame, to teen moms.

There is no “view from nowhere.”

Racialicious on the FLOTUS and cultural assimilation.

In defense of female condoms.

Is the Feminine Mystique still relevant? Yes and no.

Celebrate these 10 bisexual women of color.

Survivor responses to the Steubenville case vary from emboldened action to re-traumatization.

Help fund “The Switch — a Fantastic Transgender Comedy.”

On abuse within kink.

Feminists need to learn to acknowledge and address domestic violence against men.

Seven words that mean we should be friends.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/learning this week?

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One Comment

  1. Posted March 17, 2013 at 1:40 pm | Permalink

    Wow, thanks for the link! :)

    I also wrote Your Boner, Your Responsibility [note for sexual assault] on the expectation that women are expected to titillate the male gaze… in the appropriate way, at the appropriate time.

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