What do you want me to #AskPelosi at Netroots Nation 2013?

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We recently did an awesome Feministing Five with House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, and this summer I have the privilege of interviewing Leader Pelosi on the big stage at Netroots Nation 2013.

In this annual, #AsktheLeader Plenary Session, June 22, 2013, in San Jose, California, I will be able to use questions submitted via social media.

So what do you want to #AskPelosi?  Please submit your questions using the hashtag #AskPelosi.

Email invitation via Netroots Nation:

My name is Zerlina Maxwell. As a feminist blogger, pundit and member of the Netroots community, I’m honored to be moderating a conversation with House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi this summer at Netroots Nation.

Like past Ask the Leader sessions at Netroots Nation, questions will be solicited online in advance of the interview. I’ll collect questions on blogs and Facebook in the coming weeks, but you can start submitting questions now on Twitter.

Follow me on Twitter @zerlinamaxwell and let me know what you want to #AskPelosi.

I hope you’re planning on attending Netroots Nation. Over the past several years, the conference has given me a chance to meet many of the journalists and activists I’ve admired online for years–relationships that evolved into collaborative efforts and career successes, including this opportunity to interview House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on the big stage.

Like many of you, I was captivated in 2008 by Barack Obama’s candidacy and campaign. When his primary victory became official, I decided to become a part of history, eventually moving to Virginia to work on the campaign. That experience was the beginning of my Netroots story.

After the campaign, I returned to law school and became involved with New Leaders Council, which trained me on things like fundraising and communication. It was during that process that I realized I wanted to write about politics and become involved in punditry. So when I heard about the Netroots Nation scholarship program, I applied and won a scholarship to Netroots Nation 2010.

Since 2010, I’ve become heavily involved in the Netroots community, speaking on panels and being a part of their panel selection committee. So as a member of this community, I’m excited to moderate this conversation with Leader Pelosi.

What do you want to hear about this summer? Let me know on Twitter, and I’ll start compiling ideas.

Thanks for being a part of this with me.

Zerlina Maxwell


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    This might be a little wordy: Speaker Pelosi, I noticed that in the discussion over tax rates last year and the possibility of asking the well off to contribute a little more to the society that has enriched them, there was a lot of alarm expressed about “uncertainty” and how job creators needed assurances that their taxes weren’t going up before they could create some jobs. It sounded like a bunch of hooey to me, but it certainly transfixed the conversation in the popular media among people who were pretty well off.

    Is there a similar concern over “uncertainty” as Democrats and Republicans casually toss around the idea of cutting benefits to Social Security recipients and those dependent on Medicare and Medicaid so they can stay alive? If so, I’ve not heard it. For all the time spent last year worrying over a few pennies’ tax on the wealthy (who wouldn’t even notice it), there seems to have been precious little concern expressed over the very real impact on the aged and infirm of cutting the benefits they’ve earned.