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An epidemic of female suicide is sweeping Afghanistan.

Hunter “Most Hated Man on the Internet” Moore is being sued for his “revenge porn” site.

The Steubenville rapists’ super predictable defense? “She wanted it.

Jessica on why Zerlina’s stance against rape as natural and inevitable is so important.

After you’ve read that, thank Zerlina for her work.

A Twitter conversation with the FLOTUS attracts enough bigotry to make you sick.

A bunch of important ladies talk about “having it all” on CNN.

A great take from xoJane on rape culture and Sunday’s Girls.

I think the word you were looking for is “protest,” not “riot,” to describe the Brooklyn gathering after the police shooting of 16-year-old Kimani Gray.

New York cop Gilberto Valle was convicted of planning “to kidnap, torture, kill and eat women.”

Racialicious on the appeal of period dramas Downton Abbey and Mad Men.

Mindy Kaling is writing another memoir.

Your new favorite show: Russian Lit Wives.

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