This is one father-daughter dance I can get behind

See version with transcript here.

Purity Balls ain’t got nothing on this father-daughter dance.

At TEDxWomen this year, Courtney and I had the pleasure of working with an extraordinary group of women whom we coached for a session we also curated, “The Mirror.” And one of these extraordinary women was Angela Patton, whose work with young girls at her organization in Richmond, VA  is one of the most inspiring — and simply impressive — examples of youth-empowerment and leadership I’ve ever seen. She created Camp Diva after Diva Mistadi Smith-Roane, the 5-year-old daughter of Angela’s friend, lost her life from a firearm accident in 2004, dedicating her life to connecting with and empowering girls since. And out of Camp Diva came a program created by the girls themselves — a dance — aimed to connect daughters with their fathers who were incarcerated.

Now her organization is trying to create a documentary, not just to widen the reach of this incredible story, but to show how critical these kind of programs are for families with incarcerated parents. Her KickStarter needs just $10K to reach her goal, so if you can donate even just $5, do it. To me, Angela’s story and work is a gift for more valuable than anything I could give.

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