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Further proof that Neil Degrasse Tyson is great.

Five things that are happening in Africa that are not Oscar Pistorius. 

In which Arikia Millikan discusses sex, porn, Cindy Gallop, and losing her cyber porn v-card at age 8.

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Pussy Riot‘s protest in Moscow’s main Orthodox cathedral. To celebrate it, Russian police detained two women wearing balaclavas who were placing flowers on the altar of the same church.

On a more inspiring note, released Pussy Riot member Yekaterina Samutsevich said “I have no regrets about the performance…. Many people who did not know about the problem became aware of it: the problem in our society, in the Russian Church.”

This image will scare racist white people.

In really scary and depressing news, the police arrested and confiscated the weapons of a man with a hit list made up of Democratic politicians and all liberal supporters of Obama. And the FBI says a Neo Nazi gathered 40,000 rounds and 18 weapons in a plot to kill black and Jewish leaders.

In better news, Maryland Senate Committee Voted To Repeal Death Penalty.

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