Republican Senator embraces Roe v. Wade by accident

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley made the mistake of responding to a question at a town hall about forced implatantion of microchips by the federal government, with the only logical and legal answer, “nothing can be done to your body without permission.”

Oh really?!  Senator Grassley a anti-choice Republican is in favor of doing things to women’s bodies without their permission but when it comes to a male constituent expressing concern about his bodily autonomy being violated by the government, suddenly Grassley thinks that the constitutional right to privacy is very important.  Perhaps, opponents of Roe need to take a look at the decision again.

Check out the video of the exchange below.  Transcript after the jump.

Via ThinkProgress:

CONSTITUENT: They’re saying that they’re going to start, in 2013, putting microchips in government workers and then any kid that enrolls in school, starting in pre-school, will have a microchip implanted in them so that they can track them. [...] Is that true?

GRASSLEY: No. First of all, nothing can be done to your body without your permission. It’d be a violation of the constitutional right to privacy if that were to happen.

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