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The GOP has an Asian-American problem, too.

Are you tweeting like a girl?

This American Life takes on gun violence in Chicago schools.

Cameron Russell talks being white, skinny, and beautiful, and why it’s ridiculous that her TED talk had more views than Colin Powell’s.

Too little, too late? McKinsey tries to recruit mothers who left the fold.

A California legislator proposes ending tax exempt status for youth organizations that discriminate.

Massachusetts does good for transgender students.

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  • rebeccajk42

    I highly recommend the This American Life episode (the second part comes out on Friday, I believe). These are children living in a war zone. These young people restrict their movements and have to either be at school or home or risk being shot, despite not participating in the drug trade, or starting trouble themselves. As someone who lives in comfortable part of the US, it’s horrible to think that we a) allow this to happen and b) are, as a society, largely ignorant of it.

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