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MoJo’s five female vocalists to watch in 2013.

Amanda Marcotte on a new low for the anti-choice movement.

Happy President’s Day!

Today is also Toni Morrison’s birthday.

Michigan Republicans have introduced a bill to require mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds (a.k.a. state-enforced rape) before abortions.

Beautiful photos of female workers during WWII.

The privilege of the unkempt… for men only, of course.

State funding cuts have forced Planned Parenthood Wisconsin to shut down four clinics.

Danica Patrick wins the pole position for the Daytona 500. (In other news, Alexandra Brodsky learns what the pole position is.)

Bitch on Beyonce’s new documentary.

Proposals for the NWSA’s fall conference are due on Wednesday!

Flyover Feminism interviewed Virginia Pickel about her accessibility activism.

At a time when most state governments are working to limit abortion access, New York’s Governor Cuomo is working to ensure women’s right to choose.

A first-person narrative of sexism in sports culture.

Lena Dunham isn’t brave; she’s smart.


Ineffective birth control, please.

Remember Bic for women? Introducing… the tablet for women!

Were you not significantly frustrated by Half the Sky? Read about the game based on the book and then vomit a little.

Everything is terrible.

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  1. Posted February 18, 2013 at 6:37 pm | Permalink

    I found the rape analogy in the Lena Dunham article super problematic and icky. I realize the intent is to say that no one forced Dunham to do the filming against her will, but it is an awful and appropriative analogy. Sexual violence should not be used to pack a punch in a metaphor. Plus, who knows whether or not LD identifies as a survivor.

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