Fox news weight “expert” says Kelly Clarkson and Adele need to lose weight

No, seriously–it’s bad enough that Fox News wasted a segment on Adele and Kelly Clarkson’s weight post-Grammys, but instead of just being the tabloid news show they are, they tried to give real analysis. And they end up perpetuating crappy myths about weight, weight-loss and health. Neil Cavuto had on nutritionist Keren Gilbert who said, if either of them walked into her office, she would advise them to lose weight.

Suggesting that Adele and Kelly Clarkson are hardworking and it’s surprising they are not thin spreads toxic ideas about weight loss, specifically that if you try hard enough you can get that model body (because obvi everyone wants that model bod!). This assertion is also false!

Let’s ignore that Gilbert glossed over the fact that Adele just had a baby, Cavuto actually makes the legitimate point, what is so bad for a woman to look different and not fit the mold for mainstream beauty? To which she replies it’s unhealthy because they could poison the minds of little girls, they are after all role models!

That’s right–they are harming young women by, being themselves, not caving to the pressure of what they are expected to look like, broadcasting that they are healthy and happy as they are and demanding that we evaluate them not for what they look like, but for their talents. As in, they are great.

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