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It’s time to Occupy Valentine’s Day! This year–send a Valentine to your favorite feminist!

Did Adele yell at Chris Brown for not standing up for Frank Ocean? (We hope so).

Similarly, how about no more passes for abusers?

Five things to remember about telemedical abortions when anti-choicers go HAM.

The jobs with the biggest and smallest gender pay gap.

Why VAWA is important for Native women.

On Melissa McCarthy, weight and the reviews for Identity Thief. 

A recommendation of seventeen essays by female writers that everyone should read.



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  • http://feministing.com/members/lindsey/ Lindsey

    The language of “choice” used in the gender pay gap article is killing me a bit. It attempts to draw very hard lines between what part of the variance in pay is due to “discrimination” and personal “choice” to get into lower paying professions or take time off to raise children (because social policies and norms do not push women into this at all??). Nonetheless, very interesting stats.

  • http://feministing.com/members/pomosapien/ AJ

    Seen this one? Artist capturing casual body normativity in action: