Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

This spoof of fashion films by Lizzy Caplan made me laugh – maybe it will make you laugh too!

Infographic: who’s paying for your birth control?

We are so proud of recent Feministing Editor Emerita Courtney Martin for her New York Times  piece on innovative approaches to reducing maternal mortality in Malawi.

Hey New Yorkers, go download the NYCLU’s new “Stop and Frisk Watch” iphone app to help you monitor police activity and hold the NYPD accountable for unlawful stop-and-frisk encounters.

Horrible anti-woman legislation of the day: this Iowa personhood bill would jail a raped woman for ‘murder’ of single cell zygotes.

Mother Jones has a really well done and important timeline of domestic workers history.

And I saved the biggest and most important feminist news for last: there is now a search engine designed especially for finding GIFS!

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