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The brilliant and brave Emily May is interviewed in VICE  talking Hollaback! This is important, people read VICE (even if you and I don’t).

The nationalist political party in India, Shiv Sena, is handing out knives and chili powder for women to defend themselves from rape. I appreciate the sentiment here, but this plan could easily backfire. And it doesn’t get to the root of the problem–rape is not inevitable!

Soledad O’Brien pwnd an opposer of women in the military and got him to admit to endorsing racial segration. 



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  • http://feministing.com/members/wilg1/ Robin

    No, he didn’t endorse racial segregation. Geez. He admitted to agreeing with a statement/argument that was once used to endorse racial segregation.

    • unequivocal

      Now now Robin, let’s not let the actual facts get in the way of an awesome sound bite. =)

      For the record, here is the statement that Browne agreed with as being true:

      Soledad O’Brien: I’m going to read a little bit from this colonel who said this: ‘The army is not a sociological laboratory; to be effective it must be organized and trained according to the principles which will ensure success…Experiments are a danger to efficiency, discipline and morale and would result in ultimate defeat.’

      Kingsley Browne: I think that that’s true. I don’t think it’s true with respect to ultimate defeat of the United States in a war. I think what’s likely to occur though is the defeat of the United States in small battles, which means people are going to die.

      You know who else believed that armies had to be organized and trained according to principles which will ensure success? That’s right, Hitler believed that. And here’s something else about Hitler: he liked dogs.

      Ergo, if you like dogs, you’re the same as Hitler, and also don’t want women or racial minorities to be on the front line of combat.

      Nice burn, Soledad O’Brien! You sure showed that guy!