Wretched Hives of Scum and Villany

If you ever need proof that the internet is a hotbed of disgusting misogyny, just look at the comments section on most any social media.  Facebook, twitter, youtube videos, the comments section of NYT articles, Slate articles — even some of the wonderful feminist articles advertised and posted here at Feministing.com, ourselves, have the nastiest, most hateful, comments that I’ve seen anywhere.  I’ve seen internet memes of cute baby bunnies have comments the devolve into angry screaming matches about abortion and women’s rights and the bible.

It’s ridiculous.

But I reached my breaking point when I read the comments section on an article that was recently featured on Feministing.  The comment that made me lose my shit?

MARCDONATO6 hours ago
You know what is ironic?? Those white broads flanking Sharpton….if they were walking down the street late at night and two black teens in hoodies were walking towards them, they be sh*tting in their pants! And DON’T tell me that they wouldn’t…typical hypocritical liberals!

Oh… oh, yes, I lost it.  I shall spare you the details, but let us just say that my insurance rates probably went up with the aftermath.  So, instead, allow me to say this, in response.

Dear Mister Commentator.

Fuck you, SIR.  Fuck you for your privilege.  Fuck you for your misogyny (it shows when you refer to women as ‘liberal broads’)  Fuck you for your anti-miscegenation and racism (invoking the fear of the scary black men attacking white women)  Fuck you for taking your racist views and pushing them on everyone — just because you live in such a privileged position that you don’t live with black people and don’t see them, say, walking down the street late at night (in hoodies — that’s very crucial to the image!) and can’t possibly imagine anyone not being afraid of two black teens in hoodies using the public roads as all citizens have a right to…

Fuck you for thinking that all people who oppose the “Stop and Frisk” laws and all activists are as equally privileged as you.  Fuck you for later insisting in responses to other comments that you “Oppose” stop and frisk laws when you obviously miss the point of the opposition, or the fact that you engage in racial profiling, yourself.

Fuck you and all your slimeball brethren, the internet over.  I shall refrain from wishing ill on you, but I do not wish you well, and I can only hope your internet is disabled, if only to give the rest of us a brief respite from your blithering.

Sincerely, a proud feminist who is NOT afraid when she sees a black man walking towards her.  At night.  On a dark street.  In a hoodie.

Disclaimer: This post was written by a Feministing Community user and does not necessarily reflect the views of any Feministing columnist, editor, or executive director.

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