Study: Male CEOs with daughters increase salaries of female employees

Economists have determined that male CEOs who have daughters tend to increase the salaries of their employees, particularly if their daughter is firstborn. According to a study presented at the American Economic Association, “female employees get the larger boost, with their salary tending to grow by 1.1%, compared with a 0.6% gain for male employees.”

Overall, however, all employees’ salaries tend to decrease when male CEOs have children, to the tune of 0.2% per year. The salary benefits are exclusive to male CEOs having daughters.

Why? The study hints that men possibly become more empathetic when they have daughters and care more for their employees’ standard of living. The authors also speculate that men may respect their wives more after chidlbirth, therefore raising their esteem of women in general.

Shame it takes having a baby girl to do it, but better late than never?

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