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Gerda Lerner, a founding member of NOW, passed away this week.

What’s it like to run an abortion hotline in a country where abortion is completely illegal?

Turns out fat people are healthy, and are not actually even fat.

Sex doesn’t sell, Voco, at least not if you consider sex to be disembodied women’s body parts.

A California court overturns the rape conviction of a man who snuck into a woman’s bedroom at night and pretended to be her boyfriend when he started raping her, because California law doesn’t protect unmarried women in such cases. Sweet fucking Jesus.

A Hollywood script making waves has Hillary as a fabulous young thing trying to choose between her boyfriend (some dude named Bill) and her career. Who will play our heroine?

Logan Smith, the guy behind the brilliant @YesYoureRacist Twitter account, details what he’s discovered in three months of tracking racists on Twitter. Mainly, they don’t think they’re racist.

Young pro-life feminists. They exist, and they are gathering.

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