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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Tweet The Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the last abortion provider in Mississippi, goes pink. The Association of Women in Development appointed Kay Thi Win, a sex worker and advocate, to its International Board for the first time. The Times of India tells men to be men, and respect women. Zero Dark Thirty: There is nothing [...]
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The dangers of a gender essentialist approach to sexual violence

TweetIn December, when controversy about the rape apologist org the Good Men Project was all over the feminist internets, I wrote about problems with the juvenile way of thinking about people in terms like “good” and “bad.” In that post, I briefly mentioned that to address the reality of sexual violence we need a more [...]
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Sheryl Sandberg: Let’s talk about getting pregnant

TweetI’ve been a (semi-conflicted) fangirl of Sheryl Sandberg’s ever since seeing her TED talk in late 2010. Then there was that glowing New Yorker profile in the summer of 2011. Her perspective as a feminist is definitely very white-educated-privileged-wealthy, which is hard to swallow when you hear her say that women are more to blame for [...]
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Quick Hit: God’s police in Brooklyn

TweetSouth Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just blocks from the hipster epicenter of Bedford Avenue, is home to one of the most conservative, separatist communities in the country: Satmar Hasidim, an ultra-orthodox arm of Judaism. It’s a famously insular group. But lately, a rogue group within the Satmar community has been making noise. Calling themselves a “modesty committee,” [...]
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Building character in overlooked places

TweetOne of my favorite parts of being on the road, speaking about my various books, is the chance to interact with local organizers, artists, and activists, and get even just a lil’ taste of the issues in various parts of the country. A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to go to Salt [...]
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