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In disappointing but entirely unsurprising news, elite schools discriminate against Asian applicants.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/andejoh/ John

    I’m half Asian / half white. I grew up in a white neighborhood in the most segregated city in t he U.S. in the 1970s. We were picked on and almost always numerically disadvantaged in fights. This resulted in nearly every boy in the Asian community weight lifting and / or joining martial arts. I don’t remember my SAT or ACT score, but remember my SAT rank. I was in the top 2% in both English and Math and the top 1% overall.

    MRAs and some feminists in the on-line community I usually visit have discussed discrimination against Asians before. A growing theme is that Asians don’t complain they overcome. That’s precisely what we did when I was younger. I remember pointing out that it does suck and it’s totally wrong to have to perform better than someone else just to be considered equal. Yes, parents push their children harder and harder ti succeed, but it advocating mediocrity really the best way to go?

    Many affirmative action programs treated Asians as whites and actually disadvantage us more. We faced the same discrimination as other minorities and had the remedy working against us too. I expect this discussion and position from MRAs, who tend to look at fairness of process, not from feminists, who seem to put a lot of emphasis on equality of outcomes. I’m kind of wondering why feminists don’t see Asians as privileged in academia or society.