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    What should the obit editors do? If five men and five women in their town die tomorrow, but the only two with any notable achievements are both men, how should the editor allocate space and coverage? Should they reduce the size of one of the men’s obits and increase the size of the obit of a random woman?

    How are they meant to “find” women who “didn’t get the attention they deserve”? Are they supposed to lavish column space on a woman with personal accomplishments (raising kids, canning her own vegetables, part-time job at a local store, volunteer work) that nobody outside of her family is interested in reading about? Or is the obit editor supposed to downplay the accomplishments of men (he was a prosecutor, judge, and congressman, but we don’t have space to tell you about all that, we need the column space for a waitress who happened to die the same day).

    If you want to see more obituary page coverage of notable women, start by making sure there are more notable women on the front, international, and business pages.

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