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Handy flowchart via Men and Feminism. (h/t Meredith Zoltick) Some background here

Check out this great piece by my UN Foundation colleague Jacob Tobia on the ways in which homophobia can hinder progress in global development, and why it’s so important to address LGBTQI discrimination as the UN shapes its new global development framework.

Love this.

Just a few days left to support APAD’s badass grassroots activism against forced and early child marriage in Cameroun.

Why it sucks to be a woman in the video gaming industry.

File under more victim-blaming: Defense attorney calls 11 year-old gang rape victim a spider luring men into her web. (via Jessica)

Suzanne Venker, author of that wrong-headed Fox News piece on the imaginary so-called “war on men”, offers a totally incoherent response to the much-deserved critical backlash her piece has garnered.

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Lori Adelman is an Executive Director of Feministing in charge of Partnerships.

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    On the subject of women and gaming, I recently discovered the web series The Guild,which focuses on the adventures of a girl and her friends in an online guild (3 women, 3 men). I suspect it’s supposed to be a bit of a spoof on World of Warcraft, but never having played WOW, I can’t say how accurate the spoof is. The show was originally created by and stars Felicia Day, good evidence that there’s real value in telling stories from a female perspective. Here’s the link:


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    I get what the flowchart is trying to say, but I think its punchline relies on a transphobic message.

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    I don’t work in the gaming industry, but I love video games and as a female it’s often safer and much more enjoyable for me NOT to correct other players when they address me as “dude.” Women are constantly stereotyped and harassed (finish that sentence any way you want: in games, on the street, in a male dominated profession, ONLINE), and that’s without using any sort of voice chat program (that could be a whole separate article).

    Love The Guild, btw–Felicia Day created it after spending a lot of time playing World of Warcraft; even though she has a rather loyal following, she’s spoken out before on the ridiculousness of gamer credibility: i.e. girls have to somehow “prove” they’re a gamer, and are subject to males who feel the need to lock us out (online and within games) of the gamer/geek culture–because, you know, even though women are 50% of the population, only 0.00000001 are allowed to be gamers–and only then after a rigorous test proving so.

    Death to patriarchy!…but I’m not bitter.