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The Feministing Five: Melissa McEwan

TweetIf you read Feministing, it’s almost certain that you’ve heard of Melissa McEwan. More likely, you read her blog religiously. Melissa is the founder and editor-in-chief of Shakesville, an award-winning progressive feminist blog centered around US politics and culture. Originally named Shakespeare’s Sister, the blog was started in 2004 when “George Bush started pissing her [...]
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Weekly Feminist GIF

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What we missed

TweetLana Wachowski shares the pain and trauma of her childhood, including considering suicide.   David Leonard wrote an open letter to white America. Muslim women weightlifting. #gangstalean Ann at NYMag on Mourdock’s opponent who’s not much better.  Tweet
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Colbert to Trump, “1Million to the charity of your choice for me to dip my balls in your mouth”

TweetI sat down today to write a really serious post about racism and belonging (like Zerlina did) in light of Donald Trump’s “big announcement” yesterday. But its hard to engage with someone that makes it their business to annoy people or is a Known GOP Blowhard. His brand is to be a jerk–so I think the [...]
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CNN posts and takes down sexist study of women’s hormones and voting

TweetDo you ever feel like you want to vote for Mitt Romney because it’s that time of the month?  No!? Well, fear not, CNN has got you covered.  Yesterday, before wising up and taking it down, the news giant posted an article, “Do hormones drive women’s votes?” which touted a new study linking voting preferences [...]
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