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Finally, SOMEONE has the guts to blame Sandy on the gays!

TweetThank God. I mean, literally, you can thank god for bringing on Hurricane Sandy. Of course god isn’t just some sadistic schmuck, wreaking havoc for the sake of it. He’s trying to wake us up to a danger that is infinitely greater than any natural disaster you could imagine: homosexuality. I can’t take credit for this [...]
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What Romney would do about Hurricane Sandy: not much

TweetI’m writing from Manhattan, where the winds are roaring and we’re awaiting the full-on arrival of Hurricane Sandy, which has already flooded parts of the city, this photo of Red Hook Brooklyn shows, as well as New Jersey. As any responsible president would do, President Obama has declared a state of emergency in 7 states and DC, [...]
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Tami Taylor, aka Connie Britton, says the women of Friday Night Lights would support Obama

TweetApparently this is the day when all my favorite TV personalities speak out in support of President Obama. Here’s Connie Britton (who is just as badass as her character Tami Taylor) addressing Romney’s co-optation of Friday Night Lights slogan: “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose,” was the battle cry for the high school football teams [...]
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Joss Whedon endorses Romney and the zombie apocalypse

TweetOh noes! The First Evil must have got to our beloved Joss Whedon. “Let’s all embrace the future, stop pretending we care about each other, and start hoarding canned goods.” Transcript after the jump. [Via] Tweet
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Weekly Feminist Reader

Tweet “Homophobes in Marseille can p*** off!” Melissa Harris-Perry’s open letter to Richard Mourdock is very powerful. Meanwhile Garance Franke-Ruta puts Mourdock’s comments in historical context: “The idea that coerced reproduction is God’s will is of a piece with the belief that the subjection of women is God’s will.” And RH Reality Check is running [...]
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