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fireman rescues dog

Why Democrats are right to politicize Sandy.

Mike Huckabee has a super dramatic new ad warning Christians to vote against Obama or go to hell.

The heroes of the hurricane.

Conservative radio ad urges women to vote for the “cute one” for Congress.

Who is going to fix the NYC subway now? Blacks and Latinos.

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  1. Posted November 1, 2012 at 10:51 am | Permalink

    I suspect the majority of the subway workers are men. I bring that up because sometimes people will look at certain crimes as gendered. How many articles do you see talking about male victims of rape or DV with the disclaimer that the majority of the victims are women or when talking about female rapists or abusers the disclaimer that most of the crime is committed by men even though statistically evidence may be less clear. Most acknowledged serious DV is perpetrated by men, but it’s nearly equal when all DV is taken into account. I also suspect that some serious instances of female perpetrated DV goes unrecognized. When a man comes in with a stab wound do doctors really wonder if his girlfriend did it?

    I don’t mean to minimize the contribution that women will make to fixing the subway system, but if articles focus on men or go out of their way to point out when men fail, I think it’s important to recognize that men build things as well.

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