Colbert to Trump, “1Million to the charity of your choice for me to dip my balls in your mouth”

I sat down today to write a really serious post about racism and belonging (like Zerlina did) in light of Donald Trump’s “big announcement” yesterday. But its hard to engage with someone that makes it their business to annoy people or is a Known GOP Blowhard. His brand is to be a jerk–so I think the best reaction to Donald Trump’s bribe to Obama of 5Million dollars to a charity of his choice, is Stephen Colbert’s:

“Nothing would make me happier than to write this check,” said Colbert. “And nothing would make America happier than have something going into your mouth than coming out of it.”

Yep, that’s right. Stephen Colbert offered Trump 1Million dollars to the charity of his choice, if Trump will let Colbert dip his balls in his mouth. Talk about an indecent proposal!

This is what I like to call Serious Political Coverage.

I’ll save that really deep post about how racist it is to ask the President of the US for his college transcript for another day.

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  • dani pettas

    Colbert is the exactly the right person to respond to Trump.

    It’s because Trump is further degrading news coverage by injecting a non-reality based narrative, that he himself writes the script for.

  • dani pettas

    Also, it’s noteworthy that Sara Palin just made the racist comment, “shuck and jive.” I seriously doubt that she just happened to use that phrase of her own volition.

    Palin’s comment and this thing by Trump could be part of a planned last minute effort to put some racist dog whistling out there.

    • dani pettas

      Typo, I meant Sarah Palin.