Vote for strong families

Strong Families, an initiative to raise awareness and change policy around poverty as it impacts all of us, is running an election day campaign to increase voter turn-out. Using art and a nifty tool that allows you to upload a picture of yourself with a frame that says, “vote for us,” they are bringing attention to the reality that most of us are not living with a variety of taken for granted support structures in our lives, stating simply,

“From a lack of affordable childcare and afterschool programs, to immigration policy and marriage equality, the way we make policy and allocate resources needs to catch up to the way we live.”

The day to day wonk-o-palooza of the election can be draining and tiring and the constant talk about people that are not us–can make you feel disconnected and uninspired to get to the polls. But it is important to remember the real world implications regressive policy can have on our lives, the possible scenarios we could be stuck with if social services are cut more, same-sex marriage legislation is not passed or we aren’t fighting for comprehensive immigration reform. In our darkest hours, it’s important to remember that our vote can matter, it’s only the first step, but an important one to build the world we deserve.

Go make your own picture and GOTV!

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