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This New York Times piece on how the Bush administration ignored 9/11 warnings is a must read.

President Obama has appointed a record number of women judges to the federal bench in a single term.

Mitt Romney goes full blown culture warrior by suggesting that President Obama is anti-God and his new best friend Pat Robertson appears to tell a man to beat his wife.


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  • http://feministing.com/members/ritafantastic/ Rita Carlin

    In regards to Pat Robertson’s comments endorsing the beating of wives, I must admit that I am no longer surprised by the depths of the right’s hatred of women. I am no longer surprised at just how deep this rabbit hole of misogyny goes. Robertson spinning a whole tapestry of neurosis and transference for this unknown wife from the scant, fragile threads contained in a letter from her husband–and believing the best cure for such a neurosis is a good beating from her husband–makes me want to retch, but I am not naive, I have been paying attention, I am not surprised.

    I AM surprised that Robertson, Evangelical Dominionist Christian, essentially endorsed Islam.

    He is of course endorsing Islam for all the wrong reasons. Islam is a faith of tremendous dedication. Its adherents pray five times a day in a beautiful, almost yogic ritual of repeated bowing on a prayer rug, and they fast from sunrise to sunset for a month during Ramadan. Despite what is wrong with certain sects and practitioners of Islam, at its heart Islam is a good religion, and I find the dedication of it to be inspiring.

    But for Robertson to endorse the worst of Islam reveals something frightening. It is now less important to Christian misogynists like Robertson to be Christian than it is to put “rebellious” women in their place. I’m not sure what that means, but the “Christian” leadership of the right has been forcing Jesus and his pesky values of charity, humility, and love aside for decades, adopting instead a Randian “I’ve got mine, Jack!” attitude and a pointed lack of empathy for anyone who isn’t a white, cisgendered, wealthy male Christian. This goes one step further. Christ is entirely out of the picture. I’m not sure which god these people now worship, but it is certainly a male god, and boy, does he hate women.

  • http://feministing.com/members/decius/ Dan

    Does anyone think that Bush should have gone out and personally hunted down the people planning the attacks? I didn’t think that the FBI and CIA needed to coordinate basic decisions through the President or his staff.