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I’m not a vindictive person. Nor do I usually put much thought into my twitter arguments after the fact. Twitter is a hodge podge of liberals and democrats. I’ve had some intelligent debates, I’ve had some downright nasty arguments with some horrifically uninformed people but this one really takes the cake and I just had to share it. Let me be the first to say that the comments on all sides were slightly hostile.  This, however, doesn’t mean that you run away, it means you fight fire with fire and present your counter argument.

Last night during Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention, I came across the following thread on Twitter. In it, a woman by the Twitter handle “Fairly Profound” responded to a claim by Steven Ertelt of Life News- a pro-life website that cares less about facts, more about its religious agenda. Anyway, when Fairly Profound presented Steven Ertelt with some useful information and essentially asked him to respond, instead of being an adult and responding he actually resorted to calling her a sexist and then refusing to respond. When I pointed out that he’s ignoring the fact placed before him, he called me a sexist and blocked me.


How does an adult like this run a website that is frequented by so many people? He’s obviously not interested in the facts and when presented with them, he shuts down and goes into child mode.

Anyway, the interaction is below. Judge it for yourself.


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