DNC: Women take center stage

Image Via Politico

There is no question that this is a choice election.  Almost every speech whether delivered by the First Lady or the president of Planned Parenthood has received a raucous reception from delegates and supporters here in Charlotte particularly on issues impacting women. The Democratic party will emerge from this week’s convention as the party solidly on the side of women, in stark contrast to the other side, and the message is clear: Trust women.

I was surprised by the willingness with which the convention has stood firm and the issue of choice not only in rhetoric but with who is given coveted prime time speaking slots.  The president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, the president of Planned Parenthood, and of course women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke are key faces that are literally making the rounds this week both on the big stage and in the caucus’ dedicated to women that are held in the mornings.

The war on women isn’t something that Democrats are going to tolerate and the energy levels around these issues at the convention proves that.  In the arena, there is a noticeable level of enthusiasm around issues that you might not think would get a standing ovation.  During the House Democratic women on Tuesday night, the biggest cheers came when a speaker mentioned the president by name and for lines that mentioned equal pay for equal work.  That universal message will likely resonate not only inside the Time Warner Center but also outside the confines of the convention with women of all backgrounds.

Democrats trust women. They trust women to make decisions about their life and health and do not have the paternalistic view of the other side that government should dictate to women old and young what health care choices are permitted. With women under attack in the states nationwide and by Republicans in the Congress, it’s been reassuring to be here in Charlotte given all the chaos in Washington.

Here’s one of my favorite segments of the convention thus far with the House Democratic women who had the Time Warner Arena absolutely rockin. Via Politico (transcript included).

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